Affiliate Program

Process Flow 

Our Affiliate Programs are win-win relationships where our partners also benefit immensely, both financially and in terms of expanding their customer base. As an Affiliate Partner, you must have your own blog, website or third party hosted site such as MySpace which is a proven high traffic zone. You will earn a handsome commission of 25% for all online training program sales that are placed through your link.

Step 1

Once you sign up, you will get a unique Affiliate Link. All product orders placed through your affiliate link will entitle you to receive 30 % commission.

Step 2

For a sale to generate a commission, the customer must complete the order form and remit payment.

Step 3

If your commission reaches a minimum of $200 or Rs 10,000 it will be paid that month itself, otherwise the payment will accrue till it reaches $200. Commissions are paid out once a month, through PayPal or cheque payment

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