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RPA Automation Anywhere Online Training

KBS Training offers automation anywhere online training to enable learners gain certification and apply the training benefits to their respective work environment. So, what is Automation Anywhere? Automation Anywhere is a developer of robotic process automation (RPA) software. Developed by Automation Anywhere Enterprise, the automation anywhere online course primarily works for career aspirants and IT employees for deploying a digital workforce that consists of software bots. Software bots’ complete business processes end-to-end.

The present and future of robotic process automation assuredly relies on growing the network of digital workforce, which means, adding latest technical knowledge to provide training that is applicable across all industries. Automation Anywhere is the leader in robotic process automation software.

KBS Training is a professional IT online training service provider with decades of experience and presence in the IT market.  Having trained hundreds of trainees, we are methodical in our training approach and deliver maximum successful results. Our faculty team for tutoring Automation Anywhere training (AA) are thoroughly IT servicemen with vast record of experience in RPA (Robotic Process Automation).

Currently, there is a short-supply of RPA certified professionals and keeping this significant fact in view, we have launched Automation Anywhere online course for the benefit of IT workers, freshers, and business professionals so they can implement automation technology into their organizational systems.  Automation Anywhere also boosts the business with accuracy and faster execution.

We are inviting global audience to access Automation Anywhere online training so that prospective candidates can pursue the course from U.S, U.K, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Middle East.  With Internet connectivity on your Desktop, Laptop, or Tablet, you can access Automation Anywhere course from KBS Training website.

Automation Anywhere Training Course Description

Automation Anywhere (AA) online training curriculum provided by KBS Training is extensive, yet simple in tutorials for beginners to understand. From fundamentals to the expert level real-time solutions, KBS Training faculty team accommodates course content thoroughly for trainees.  Robotics Process Automation (RPA) is a software that creates software robots. In the world of increasing automation in business, Automation Anywhere allows workforce to speed up their tasks with zero-error efficiency. The RPA solutions provide organizations with better implementation adding value to the work of employees.

The automation technology is useful for businesses in sales & invoice, CRM, Inventory management, IT processes, report generation, data migration and system integration.

With access to Automation Anywhere online course, you can attend tutorials at your convenience and prepare for final assessment. At the end of every tutorial, you will find short questions pertaining to that lesson and this pattern of self-assessment will expand your forte. This is in fact prepares for taking up a career in automation technology to work as RPA professional system analyst / system engineer etc.,

For any questions, you have relevant to the Automation Anywhere online training tutorials and lessons, you can reach KBS Training faculty team anytime and seek clarifications. Additionally, there are interactive sessions that help you to clear any doubts you may be having about the training lessons.

RPA Automation Anywhere Training Course Content

Introduction to Automation Anywhere
Automation Anywhere Architecture

  • Components of AA
  • What is control Room
  • Different Types of Users
  • Bot Creator and Bot Runner
  • Software Requirements
  • Hardware requirements
  • Task Bot
  • Meta Bot

Automation Anywhere  Dashboard

  • Navigation Menus
  • Task pane
  • Repository/Reports/Triggers/Schedules/Workflows

Task Bots

  • Recording  Modes
  • Types of Variables
  • Commands
  • Recording a Task
  • Running a Task
  • Task Creation

Overview  on  Task Editor
Task Editor Features

  • Task Editor Features
  • Actions List

Commands Used
(All the commands are Covered,Below are major commands)

  • Excel Command
  • Variable Operation Command
  • PDF  integration Command
  • IF/ELSE  Command
  • Database Command
  • Email Automation Command
  • File and Folder commands
  • Error Handling Command
  • PGP command
  • Web Service Implementation


  • Metabot Overview
  • Metabot  Creation
  • Understanding  Metabot  Designer
  • Sample Examples

Automation Anywhere Course Benefits

KBS Training equips you to gain mastery in Automation Anywhere (AA) online training and to this effect you have the following advantages with certification in Automation Anywhere.

  • Multiple skills to create and maintain automated marketing campaigns
  • Track customer behaviour with the help of analytics
  • Achieve the targets of organization
  • Input for organization requirements
  • Work in finance, BPO, Banking, Retail sector as certified IT professional
  • Acquire complete forte of every module in Automation Anywhere.

As this course is still emerging as a specialized requirement for all working employees in various sectors, it’s likely that your services will be greatly in need for organizations to impart your certified knowledge in software robot technology. Further, your services will be greatly in need as RPA is speedily becoming a part of every business. Particularly, MNCs draw most benefits of Automation Anywhere. Therefore, it enhances your career for further period in IT industry.

Using simple English for the learners residing across the globe especially for native and non-native speakers to enable the clear understanding of technical aspects, KBS Training faculty team has a clear teaching methodology for catching up the lessons. Our clients span in many parts of the world – U.S, U.K, Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East.

1. I want to join the course. What’s the procedure?

Answer: Please visit our website and select Automation Anywhere contact form. Send us your name, email and residing country details, we will reply with guidance to join the course.

2. I am a non-IT professional, but I want to work in BPO sector. Will this course help me?

Answer: Yes, certainly you can take up this course as Automation Anywhere is exclusively implemented in BPO sector.  We will train you thoroughly to become a certified professional for joining BPO organization.

3. I live in Nigeria; how can I get enrolled for the course?

Answer: KBS Training invites you to take up the course and watch our tutorials and complete your assignments. Click and fill up the contact form or chat with our support team for details of course. We will be happy to help gain certification.

4. Can I job assistance after completing the training program?

Answer: Yes, we provide job search assistance and help you with suitable placement. Please submit contact form on our website

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