Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online Training

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online Training

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the next-gen intelligent business applications in the cloud. Dynamics 365 integrates CRM and ERP abilities by bringing new purpose-built applications to aid achieve specific business purposes, comprising Dynamics 365 for Sales, Dynamics 365 for Field Service, Dynamics 365 for Customer Service, Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation, and Dynamics 365 for Operations. For natural reason, Microsoft Dynamics 365 certified professionals are enjoying descent job prospect with a probability of making a rewarding career.

Why KBS Training Institute?

KBS training Institute has launched their Microsoft Dynamics 365 training both in online and regular classroom method. Subject matter expert tutors undertake the responsibility of instructing the classes and study material is prepared with best care and industry insight for overall grooming of the recipients. KBS training Institute offers their online training facility for individuals and corporate batches and post completion, training completion certificate is provided.

Students successfully completing the course will get 100% placement assistance.  The institute charges affordable fee for world-class training and all classes are arranged in ways that help on-job professionals to schedule their study time without hampering their routine jobs.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Course Content

: Technical

: 30 Days

: Week Days: 1 - 2 hrs per day (OR) Weekends: 2 - 3 hrs per day

: Online / Classroom Training Study

: Softcopy

System Access
: 30 Days

Job Assurance
: 100% Placement Assistance

: Interview Questions & Answers will be covered along with course

Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

  • Deployment types & Licensing Option
  • XRM Framework

Service Module

  • Case Management
  • Queue Management
  • Contracts
  • SLA
  • Entitlements
  • Automatic record creation and updating rules

Working with Dash Boards

Accessing CRM from Outlook

CRM 2016 Online & On Premise Deployment

Adding Users

  • Adding various Services
  • License comparisons
  • Office 365 Dashboard
  • Deployment Manager

Administration & Security

  • Creating and managing Business Units, Users and Teams
  • Privileges, Access Levels and Security Roles
  • Positions & Hierarchies
  • Creating and managing Security Roles
  • Auto Numbering, Languages
  • System Settings
  • Auditing
  • Themes

Settings & Configuration

  • Data Management
  • Duplication Detection Settings, Rules and Jobs
  • Bulk Record Deletion
  • Data Maps and Imports
  • Product Catalog
  • Understanding the Product Catalog
  • Unit Groups
  • Adding Products
  • Creating Price Lists
  • Creating Discount Lists

MS CRM Entity Model

  • Customization Concepts – Entity Types and Attributes
  • Creating Custom Entities and Attributes

Entity Customization

  • Form Customizations
  • UI Customization Capabilities
  • Form Customization – Working with Tabs, Sections, Fields and Iframes
  • Introduction to Application Event Programming
  • Using Form and Field Events
  • Mobile Forms


  • Types of Relationships
  • Relationship Behaviors
  • Creating Entity Relationships
  • Entity Mapping

Views and Advanced Views

  • Public, Personal and System Views
  • View Customizations – Common Tasks
  • Advanced Views Customizations

Form Scripting

  • Client side scripting using Java Script

Working with Web Resources

Business Process Flows

Business Rules

Mobile CRM

Processes(Workflows & Dialogs)

Overview of Workflow

  • Creating Workflows steps through Workflow Designer
  • Overview of Dialog
  • Creating Dialog Pages, Prompt and Response


Introduction to Solutions

Managed & Unmanaged Solutions

  • Importing & Exporting Solutions
  • Clone a patch
  • Clone Solution
  • Upgrade Solution

SDK & Developer Resources


  • The Event Execution Pipeline
  • Developing Plugins
  • Plugin Registration Tool
  • Deploying Plugins

Microsoft CRM – Outlook Integration

  • Settings
  • Email Configuration
  • Email Tracking in CRM

Microsoft CRM – SharePoint Integration

  • Settings
  • List Component
  • Server-Side Sync
  • Document uploading from CRM to SharePoint
  • SharePoint overview


  • Ribbon work Bench tool
  • XRM Tool Box/Site Map Editor

Server Troubleshooting Tips

  • Event Viewer
  • MSCRM services
  • IIS Manager
  • Recommended settings in server

IFD Introduction

Course Description

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training offers great drive value for customers as well as for employees―and more efficiently strive to serve in a dynamic digital economy by its digital utility. That is the support of digital transformation which defines its functionality.

Dynamics 365 brings organized features of customer relationship management (CRM) & enterprise resource planning (ERP) in a solo solution that can be retrieved from anywhere. It comes in single-version for both big enterprise and small - midsize businesses, and the flexible, cloud-based architecture of Dynamics 365 allows its users to scale as a business how it needs to grow.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training Prerequisites

  • Prior experience of Microsoft CRM
  • Industry experience in CRM Module,
  • Strong acumen is customer care,
  • Candidates need a working knowledge of Dynamics CRM features and functionality,
  • Working knowledge of development, employment, and data structures.

Target audience

This audience typically includes

  • Implementation consultants,
  • Technical support technicians
  • System administrators.
  • Project managers.

Advantages of doing MS Dynamics 365 course

There are wide arrays of professional benefits for doing this online Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training. The significant ones are:

Ultra flexible

With technologically advanced tablet and smartphone, now workplace and infrastructure have become well equipped to get lot of works done on the move. This flexibility is taken one step ahead by using Dynamics 365, which gives user team a lot of benefits of enjoying an archetypal IT infrastructure benefits from multiple locations. For any workers it is not obligatory to post them onsite, it helps them in enjoy freedom from working from regular office.

ERP integration
Effective incorporation of ERP is maybe the major advancement possible by using Dynamics 365. Now, rather than have having VPNs and remote conferences to get connected to a server if out of the office, users may access all front office tools for their work benefit.

Cost efficient

By proposing a subscription-based model, Dynamics 365 can save for businesses great budget. The working team will be subscribed only to work according to their role, potentially meaning that the employer will get to reduce his licensing fees expressively. For instance if in a  marketing team few members use the CRM, employers will only pay for them, rather than subscribing a complete CRM license for all. It means Dynamics 365 is scalable, so you can manage meticulous expansion of your team and streamline the employment of seasonal workers. An employer can pay for what he wants as per requirement.


Great Support

A user will get complete support before using Dynamics 365 a complete testing period will help in understanding the complete infrastructure to adopt the up-gradation. An employer can get to understand the needed overhauling of infrastructure before complete switch over to Dynamics 365 environment.


There are some predefined highlights of the course Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training that professionals and students have found till date attractive and worth counting for selecting the training: Some of the primary highlights are mentioned here for a quick view of the prospective participants.

  • 30 Hours of e-learning sessions- These e-sessions are designed to meet international level of Microsoft Dynamics 365 online Training requirements.
  • All classes are arranged on most interactive virtual training platform as well as by classroom training arrangement,(For venue and date for next session, contact KBS Training Institute helpdesk.
  • The entire training is offered by best Industry aware experts, who are not only knowledgeable about Microsoft Dynamics 365 coursethis IT certification.
  • After due completion of the course, recipients will be given 100% placement assistance from KBS Training Institute.
  • Additional study material in the form of e-Books, which is made by composing the latest industry updates and global trend in mind,
  • Get a globally acknowledged Certificate on successful completion of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training.

What is the duration of the course?

Advances Course like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training duration largely depends on trainee requirements, it is always recommended to consult one of our advisors for specific course duration.

What benefits are included in the course fee?

All students of KBS Training Institute are allowed to enjoy a hands-on training in all aspects of Microsoft Dynamics 365 course by getting online all-inclusive study material, and by attending free online tests. All this are incorporated in the course fee.

Can I cancel my enrolment?

In case of terminations, students will get refund the course fee after deduction of the administrative charges.

What happens when I miss a class?

Every student is given an exclusive recording of every class, after the session is over at daily basis. This is the most amicable way, a student can always bridge the gap what he has missed by not attending the class.

Will the course fetch me a job?

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training by KBS Training will not only increase the CV marketability of the recipients, but will offer them a global exposure with enormous growth potential. Working professionals will get excellent advantage because the training course can be conducted at flexi timing.

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