Microsoft Dynamics AX 7 Online Training

Microsoft Dynamics AX 7 Online Training

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Microsoft Dynamics AX 7 Online Training

Microsoft Dynamics AX 7 extends a host of new features with new user interface, dashboard and options. It brings added advantages of new architecture, development tools and subscription model with changed module functionality. Those who have already been familiar with the older versions of Microsoft Dynamics AX and who are interested in seeing the new ERP system in action, getting trained in Microsoft Dynamics AX 7/V7 will understand how the new features ensure improvement in their current processes. Our team consists of certified Microsoft Dynamics AX trainers who are fully versatile in providing Microsoft Dynamics AX 7 training for individuals, ERP professionals, Developers, Dynamics professionals who are migrating to the AX7 version, IT professionals who plan to achieve Dynamics AX7 certification and corporate employees who plan to learn and get certified in Microsoft Dynamics AX 7. All the trainees required to have basic knowledge of any programming language or basic knowledge of previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics AX.

: Technical

: 30 Days

: Week Days: 1 - 2 hrs per day (OR) Weekends: 2 - 3 hrs per day

: Online / Classroom Training Study

: Softcopy

System Access
: 30 Days

Job Assurance
: 100% Placement Assistance

: Interview Questions & Answers will be covered along with course

Microsoft Dynamics AX 7 Training course content is framed as to – get a good hold and understanding of all the development tools in AX, form patterns and menus, generate and customize various elements, identify new and advanced features, security essentials and to be able to work with X++ code and Application Explorer.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 7 TrainingCourse Outline:

  • Introduction to Visual Studio
  • Architecture
  • Extended Data Types
  • Base Enumerations
  • Labels and Resources
  • Tables
  • Form Patterns
  • Table Indexes
  • X++ Overview
  • Menus
  • Classes
  • Database Manipulation
  • Exception Handling
  • Security Basics
  • Introduction to Advanced Topics.

Getting certified in Microsoft Dynamics AX 7 brings a comprehensive Development Basics in and helps in career enhancement in your respective domain.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 7 Trainingessential as it is now an integral part of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition exclusively designed for companies with more than 250 users. Alternatively, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Edition is ideal for companies with less than 250 users. Microsoft is implementing the Dynamics 365 software to bring together CRM and ERP functionality in combination with Office 365, Power BI and other products to convey a unified experience across business processes.

As Microsoft is planning to position Dynamics 365 as a single solution to business IT requirements and will thereby include a version of AX7/ AX V7 to be called as Dynamics 365 for Operations Management. Dynamics 365 is a new business application platform of Microsoft that is designed for deploying a suite of cloud apps from CRM functionality to Power BI and ISV applications.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 7 introduces enhancements to Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services, an Azure-based service that enables turnkey implementation. With improved portability of the system and improved cloud functionality and architecture, AX 7 is designed for a simple upgrade process that runs as seamlessly as possible. If you are interested in the cloud for Microsoft Dynamics AX and not ready for an AX upgrade, you can move your current Dynamics AX system to the cloud with your current license.

Microsoft Dynamics AX is more intelligent with intuitive workspaces that allows more visibility across an organization while performing tasks such as billing or AP processing. Further they improve Power BI. Apart from better integration with Power BI, the new AX 7 release seamlessly integrates with CRM 2016 and O365. It also takes insights from social and other data sources using the power of Azure Machine Learning services and Cortana. Cortana integration helps users gain fast access to responsive human insights from big data generated by Microsoft Dynamics AX and other Line of Business (LOB) apps.


The Microsoft Dynamics AX is flexible to meet the requirements of most industries whereas the new AX 7 release is designed for five major industries. These are – retail, manufacturing, distribution, professional services and public sector. User experience with AX7 is effectively simple and robust ERP solution. Some of the top benefits of AX 7 are:

Cloud-based delivery system with the benefit of Cloud OS, Azure Cloud. The biggest applications can be delivered via the cloud first and Dynamics AX 7. Cloud-based delivery will also make it easier to integrate Dynamics with Office 365 which is also cloud-based. Conclusively, the cloud-based delivery makes the AX 7 more robust and versatile application.

AX 7 gives booming user experience on mobile devices that includes accessing the real-time data. The feature of using data on a mobile phone or tablet will provide all businesses to reach and access their information through the business navigation.

Lifecycle services : Dynamics AX 7 is shaping up to be a, well, dynamic application. Microsoft has put a great deal of thought into their lifecycle services and maintenance and Dynamic AX 7 will benefit from them. The cloud-based nature of this application will make it easier to create and integrate custom features. The Lifecycle Services management will also make it easier for the company to improve upon the reliability of the application once it is released. Expect regular updates and quality assurance as this application launches.

A Web-Based Client : For those working on the go, a web-based client is a must, and Dynamics AX 7 will include such a feature. Instead of utilising the actual application, you’ll be able to access and change your data directly from the web. This will be exceptionally helpful to those who are on the go and looking to change things up quickly without launching a hefty application. The web-based client also makes it exponentially easier to give all employees access to data without having to install the larger application on a myriad of different machines. A web-based client completely changes the way users will interact with the application for the better.

HTML5 Experience : Microsoft has focused on lightening up Dynamics and making it a more immersive experience at the same time. Building off the principles of Windows 8 and Windows 10, users can expect a more detailed, yet zippier working experience. Users can expect more pizzazz to the application. HTML5 is used extensively in Dynamics AX 7 to create a fun and intuitive user experience.

Incremental Updates : Version releases are a thing of the past. Microsoft knows this. Users can expect regular updates and patches for Dynamics AX 7. Versioned-updates are heavy, clunky and difficult to navigate for most users. They also tend to take far too long to address existing problems. With incremental updates users can expect a more comprehensive experience from start to finish.

Licensing and Subscriptions : Microsoft has embraced subscription models in recent years and Dynamics AX 7 will also see a subscription-based licensing program. Dynamics AX 7 will be released first exclusively on the Microsoft Azure platform. . With subscription-based licensing you can pay as you need the application. If you are on the cutting-edge of technology, there is no better option on the market than subscription-based licensing. At the time of writing this blog, no information has been released by Microsoft regarding the upgrade from earlier versions of Dynamics AX to Dynamics AX 7, and how the transition to a subscription model will be applied. For the immediate short term, Dynamics AX 7 will not be available for an on-premise deployment.

Microsoft isn’t done releasing information just yet, and we expect to hear more about Dynamics AX 7 before its release date. Everything that has been leaked up to this point hints at a truly innovative product.

Difference between Microsoft Dynamics AX R3 Vs AX7/ V7

Enhanced User Experience

  • 1. Web based GUI.
  • 2. Compatible with mobile device.


The intelligence of Dynamics 365 is also miles ahead of previous versions. There is now full integration with CRM, Office 365, and PowerBI


In addition to these new features, among others, the new version of Microsoft Dynamics is now a cloud-first application. This means no more waiting for the next version; instead, the program will


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