Salesforce Development Training Course Online

Salesforce Development Training Course Online

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Salesforce Development Training

We, at KBS Training Institute, aim at producing the best Salesforce training for our candidates. The course objectifies to help you master a number of responsibilities. With the successful completion of the course, a professional should be able to Manage as well as configure Sales & Service Cloud Identify and judge the best components for the perfect administration for Get a better understanding of Visual force, Apex, and other Sites. Use declarative interface to help in the development of new applications. Become a major part of the Salesforce ROI of the employed company. Implement a higher level of security. Configure and establish a better user interface. Monitor and administer different functions like- Management, Inside and Outside Sales, Marketing, and Customer Support. Implement Automation, Data Validation, Debugging, and customize old or new apps for better performance.

: Technical

: 30 Days

: Week Days: 1 - 2 hrs per day (OR) Weekends: 2 - 3 hrs per day

: Online / Classroom Training Study

: Softcopy

System Access
: 30 Days

Job Assurance
: 100% Placement Assistance

: Interview Questions & Answers will be covered along with course

Application design and overview Salesforce

  • Salesforce Basics
  • Admin in Salesforce
  • Difference b/w Software & Tool
  • Features Available in Salesforce
  • Developer in Salesforce
  • Difference b/w Admin & Developer Role
  • Time to Market and its relation with Cost
  • Admin 502, 201
  • Dev 501, 401
  • Hierarchy in Salesforce- Consultant and Solution Architect
  • How Salesforce is placed as Compare to SAP?
  • What is Salesforce?
  • What is CRM?
  • Social CRM – 3 phases of Social CRM
  • Cloud Computing
  • SaaS(Software as a Service)
  • What is Ready to Use?
  • Cloud Platform Features
  • Difference b/w Sales Cloud & Service Cloud

Custom Object and Entities

  • How to reach to Salesforce
  • Diff b/w Developer Pro and Developer Sandbox
  • Nero Area/Wider Area of Home Screen
  • Object in Salesforce
  • New Custom Object and Entities
  • Fields
  • Custom Tabs-Custom Object Tabs, Web Tabs, Visualforce Tabs
  • All Tabs
  • Positions Tab
  • App
  • Upload New Document

Datatype & Relationship

  • What is app
  • How app & Object related
  • Teaching about “Data type”
  • Type of “data type”& set values& custom process
  • Type of datatype
  • none selected
  • auto number
  • formula
  • roll-up summary
  • look up relationship
  • master-detail relationship
  • external lookup relationship
  • cheekbox
  • currency
  • data
  • date&time
  • email
  • geolocation
  • numberpercent
  • phone
  • picklist text and text area
  • Important of red mark.
  • Text(encrypted process)
  • How to see encrypted data
  • overview of external id


  • Report about bucket field
  • Dashboard
  • Home page section

DataSource View

  • Self Relationship
  • Why can’t use Master Detail
  • Lookup Relationship
  • Master Detail Relationship
  • Many To Many Relationship
  • Mapping Table Creation
  • What is Junction Object
  • What is Page Layout
  • Add & Remove Field’s
  • Related List

Data Management

  • Creation of Object With Field
  • Create Master-Detail Field
  • Job Position Create
  • Page Layout Creations
  • Roll up Summary Field
  • What is Fieldsets
  • Search Layouts
  • Creation of Button
  • Customization of Button
  • Object Limits

Security and data Access

  • Record Type
  • Data Model
  • Security setting/blocks
  • What is profile
  • profile control
  • Tab and a object
  • App and a object
  • Case Study #1
  • Permission Sets
  • Permission Sets Controls
  • Public Object & Private Object
  • How we define or classify the access level of Objects in Salesforce?
  • Organization Wide Default(OWD) in Salesforce
  • Sharing Model and its ways
  • Sharing Rules and its types
  • ROLE’S
  • Brain Teasers
  • Queues
  • When does Sharing Happen?
  • Different Scenarios

Business Logic

  • Lead Assignment
  • Lead Assignment Rule
  • Scenario in Call Center
  • Queue, Objects supported by Queue
  • Create New Lead
  • Web-to-Lead Setup
  • Workflow- Create Workflow, 2 Key Feature to Define Workflow, Difference b/w Evaluation Criteria & Rule Criteria
  • Actions & Reactions
  • Trigger
  • DML Operations
  • Task Creation & Email Alert
  • Email Templates
  • Different Scenario
  • Time Based Workflow


  • Approval Process and its steps
  • Create a approval process
  • Basic structure of Approval
  • Multistep Approval Process
  • Actions in Approval Process
  • Recall Functionality
  • Business Logic in Salesforce
  • Validation Rule in Salesforce
  • Functions used in Validation Rule

Managing Data

  • Data Management in Salesforce
  • Data Import Wizard and its Feature
  • Data Export Wizard
  • Storage Usage
  • Mass Transfer Records
  • Mass Transfer Approval Requests
  • Data Loader-Data Operations, Batch Size in Salesforce, Settings in Data Loader
  • Difference b/w Salesforce& other Database
  • Difference b/w Sandbox & Production
  • ROLLUP Summary Field
  • Apex Data Loader- Security Token in ApexDataLoader, Export Operation, Field Mapping
  • How SAP can do an operation in Salesforce
  • How to Update Records in Salesforce
  • Concept of External ID

Managing Data II

  • Data Management

Reports and Dashboards

  • Report about bucket field
  • Dashboard
  • Home Page Section

Certification Preparation /Assignments

  • Certification points
  • Data Model assignment
  • How to use if
  • replace with name

FAQ and Project Discussion

Project Discussion Architecture – MVC

  • Introduction to course
  • what are collection
  • what is set
  • How we can declare and use the set within our operation
  • what is list method in salesforce
  • Map in salesforce

JavaScript Introduction

  • Introduction of SOQL in salesforce
  • How to edit query in query editor
  • How we can use Iterator in salesforce
  • How we can Iterator over a multipleopportunity on multiple objects
  • How we can generate a query

APEX Data Types (II)                                    

  • What is Apex Trigger
  • Why we need apex trigger in salesforce
  • Types of Apex trigger
  • Use case of before trigger
  • Use case of after trigger
  • Trigger context
  • Apex trigger operation
  • How we can write a trigger
  • How we can generate error massage in trigger
  • What is the mean by trigger old and trigger new?


  • After insert trigger
  • After update trigger
  • When we should use the after trigger
  • Account and opportunity in salesforce
  • How to update the account into salesforce
  • How to create a MAP of ID account in salesforce
  • Trigger.newmap in salesforce
  • Trigger.oldmap in salesforce

Wrapper Classes

  • Use case of Apex trigger edit query
  • Classes in salesforce
  • Methods of class in salesforce
  • What is Test classes in salesforce
  • How Apex class Execute in salesforce

Developer Console

  • How to execute the Test classes
  • How can we check execution of test classes?
  • How we can deploy the change in classes in salesforce
  • Eclipse
  • How we can use Eclipse
  • What are the features of Eclipse
  • How we can schedule a particular class about custom level

Scheduling Apex

  • how to schedule a particular class
  • How to schedule a class using schedule Apex
  • Visual base pages

Standard/Custom Controller

  • Create New Case
  • Controller
  • Standard Controller in Salesforce
  • Custom Controller
  • Create New Account-Account Information
  • Create new Visualforce Page
  • HTML and tags
  • Apex Programming- Create Block and Section

Standard Controller (II)

  • Standard Controller,
  • Custom Controller,
  • Standard Object,
  • Custom Object
  • Create New Apex Page in Accounts Tab, used coding
  • Expenses Tab
  • Extensions for Controller
  • Debug Log, Apex Debug Log
  • Apex Param Tab in Salesforce
  • Apex Command Link and Output Link
  • Rendered Function

Exception Handling in Apex

  • Master Data Relationship on Standard Object and Custom Object,
  • Value attribute for output link
  • Custom Controller, used Coding
  • Wrapper Scenario, used coding
  • Select and Update Opportunities
  • Update statement
  • How to handle Error Exception in Codes
  • try and catch function

Ajax Components & its related components

  • Different options to Visualforce Pages
  • Inline Visualforce Page
  • New Button or Link
  • How Pages Loaded
  • New Custom Label concept to change alert message
  • Trigger
  • Java – Eclipse SDK Tool, coding used
  • Accessing Data, explaining using example of RAM, Internal Memory and External Memory
  • Why custom setting is so highly used
  • New Custom Field
  • Coding Best Practices
  • Explain If Else statement
  • Explain Declaration & Initialization
  • Difference b/w C++ and Java
  • Nullified Trigger
  • Transaction

Link Usage/ Batch Apex

  • Change Ownership Requirement
  • Difference b/w Standard Controller, Custom Controller and Extension
  • Apex Output Link Tab & Command Button
  • What is Batch Apex?
  • What is Apex?
  • What is Batch?
  • Significance of Batch in Salesforce
  • Limitations in Salesforce
  • What is Callout?
  • 3 Global Methods-start method, execute method, finish method
  • Query Locater, Dynamic Query
  • How to Initiate or call Batch Apex?
  • Try Catch Finish Method
  • Synchronous Limit and Asynchronous Limit
  • Synchronous & Asynchronous Transaction
  • Ajax in Salesforce
  • Style Tag
  • Javascript in Visualforce Page
  • How to pass the value from one Visualforce Page to another

Salesforce has always had an important part to play in the growth and success of any company, participating in the marketing, sales and service industry. The Salesforce training involves wide cluster of services, elements and applications for keeping up Salesforce usage. This course confers the essential expertise sets and the learning for outlining redid applications and also examination with the assistance of revelatory components of Salesforce stage. Sales force was requesting innovations utilized by most. By getting prepared in Salesforce you can kick begin your profession as a Salesforce Developer.

With a rising demand for customised Salesforce systems, there is a similarly rising demand for professionals who master this art. Hence, if you are looking forward to put yourself on the list of these talented professionals, you definitely need the Salesforce Development Training. The course will allow one to learn more about the concepts related to Salesforce Administration and App Building. This hands-on training trains you in developing customised Salesforce systems and applications for your company. Candidates of this course are also provided with a special training in the declarative “Clicks not Codes” agenda. This in turn prepares them to create custom interfaces, Visual force pages and new applications. It will also assist you with clearing the ADM 201 & DEV 401 certification exams.

A skilled staff base, with Salesforce Development Training from a recognised and registered training institution can help these companies to come up with progressive and customised Salesforce strategies and systems. 

These contributions from their staff will further lead these companies into conquering the best benefits this industry has to offer and also the maximum attention of the masses. This is where we come in to the picture. 

To enjoy the best success routines, an employer should understand the importance of the Salesforce development course and push their employees towards achieving it.

In case that you are an individual aiming to enter the marketing or sales industry, this course by KBS Training Institute, will open new doors for you and put you amongst the most employable group of candidates in the world job market.


You do not require any major degree or in-hand experience to take up the course.

 A graduation degree in any discipline, from a recognised University shall be enough to get you your seat.

There is no specific eligibility criterion for the course. Yet, it might be better suited for professionals, like System Administrators, Developers and Individuals aiming to enter the world of Salesforce.

What is duration of the DEV-401 Exam?

The exam comes with 60 multiple choice questions and needs to be completed within a time limit of 90 minutes.

What is the passing mark?

A Student needs to secure at least 65% marks to be tagged successful and earn a certificate.

How long is the course?

The course is completed with the help of a 5 days training session.

Is there a difference between the Class Room based and Online Course?

Apart from the fact that the classroom based classes and the online classes can be retrieved in two different locations, there is no other difference. Both the modes of training are equally effective and genuine.

Will I get a job after this training?

All candidates become eligible for the post of Salesforce Developer post the successful completion of this course.

Course Highlights

Every course offered by KBS Training Institute has its own highlights and contributes them to the related industry. Some of the highlights of the Salesforce Development Training include-

Hands-on training for better account planning, 

Expert mentor supervision and support allows candidates to learn more about customizable sales insights 

Well-designed course material to enables candidates with better understanding of sales trends.

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