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SAP Hybris

The new technology in SAP which has taken the market like a tornado is SAP Hybris. This technology empowers customer interaction and help the industries sell more goods and services through every touch point and channel it possess. SAP Hybris Online Trainingwill help people in learning the growing and widely recognized leader in commerce technology. It helps the businesses to deliver contextual, consistent and relevant solutions to their customers. KBS Training Institute offers this unique course which has leveraged the technology and helps in the growth of the business.

Modern businesses needs are to predict and adapt the system in real time. SAP Hybris is nothing but solutions that address the customer management skills acrosssales, marketing and services. It takes help from cloud, mobile and big data innovations to implement the modern age agile commerce based platform in the system.

SAP Hybris Online Training will help the working professionals to learn the future of the commerce through SAP Hybris. This technology will deliver the next-generation business experience for the customers and the consumers alike. With the SAP Hybris commerce platform, the companies develop a special intimacy with the customers in real time.

The customer today demands a point to point communication from the companies and the interaction should be of very high level in order to meet the requirements. This online training will help the people from IT background to learn the dynamics of SAP Hybris and have an upper hand in comparison to their competitors. It will also help the people to learn the vision of the Hybris. Companies hire people with the knowledge of the SAP Hybris as it fetches them more customers by increasing their sales and services through all the possible channels and digital means. This gives the flexibility to the companies to develop it on premise and on-demand.

SAP Hybris training is about specialization in Hybris marketing solution platform. This is the new age marketing that can keep customer engage, delighted, and promotes brand awareness. Hybris marketing enables marketing professionals to understand and estimate customers or great customer care and customers loyalty retention. The 3-point aim of SAP Hybris is:

  • Understand Real-Time Customer Intents.
  • Deliver Unique Customer Experiences.
  • Market with Speed and Agility.

SAP Hybris Training

As CRM is becoming one of the major concerns of marketing and business development, SAP Hybris certified professionals are enjoying great job related exposure all over the world. In order to meet the growing demand KBS trainings Institute has launched their specialized SAP Hybris Training for professionals both in online module as well as in offline regular classroom module.

SAP Hybris Training by KBS Training Institute is led by expert tutors with their best and latest hand-on knowledge on SAP Hybris platform. Students can pursue their course in online arrangement, as well as students can join classroom training module. KBS offers their training for individuals as well as for corporate batches.

KBS Trainings Institute offers SAP Hybris Online training throughout the world. The institute is expert in online training and offers both functional and technical course. The online Course is open to working professionals who need to upgrade their knowledge, newbies and mid-level executives who want to explore their career in SAP Hybris marketing field.

SAP Hybris training is designed to offer IT Professionals/students/recipients a detailed intro to the whole platform via interactive modules. This professional training is the perfect start for professionals like project managers, business analysts, etc. Web developers will enjoy benefit from gaining knowledge of the core Hybris platform for making marketing platform enriched websites.

This training course aims to give students a good understanding of the full scope of the technical implementation of Hybris, its technologies, architecture, and integrated features.

Training course overview:

  • Hybris Product Line Overview
  • Technical architecture Overview
  • Hybris Wiki, Bug Tracking, Forum
  • Hybris Support
  • Explain E-Commerce Concepts
  • Core Concepts of E-Commerce Functionality.

SAP Hybris Training Curriculum

SAP Hybris Training course aims to facilitate project work by providing detailed information on architecture and all that can be summed up by the Technical Highlights.

: Technical

: 30 Days

: Week Days: 1 - 2 hrs per day (OR) Weekends: 2 - 3 hrs per day

: Online / Classroom Training Study

: Softcopy

System Access
: During Training Period

Job Assurance
: 100% Placement Assistance

: Interview Questions & Answers will be covered along with course

SAP Hybris Technical Course Content

1 - Hybris Commerce

  • 1.Hybris Commerce Accelerator
  • 2.Commerce Services and Commerce facades
  • 3.Search and Navigation
  • 4.Ycommerece Webservices
  • 5. Add ons
  • 6.WCMS
  • 7.Advanced Personalization
  • 8.Pricing
  • 9.Vouchers and Promotions
  • 10.Payment
  • 11.Order Management

2 - Hybris Commerce Core

  • 12.Development Environment Setup
  • 13.Data Modeling
  • 14.HMC
  • 15.PCM
  • 16.Flexible Search
  • 17.Import and Export
  • 18.Service Layer Architecture
  • 19.Corn Jobs
  • 20.Cockpit Framework
  • 21.Workflows
  • 22.Cache
  • 23. Security
  • 24. Webservices
  • 25. External SAP ERP system integration
  • 26. Process Engine & validation

: Functional

: 30 Days

: Week Days: 1 - 2 hrs per day (OR) Weekends: 2 - 3 hrs per day

: Online / Classroom Training Study

: Softcopy

System Access
: During Training Period

Job Assurance
: 100% Placement Assistance

: Interview Questions & Answers will be covered along with course

SAP Hybris Functional Course Content


  • 1.Accelerator overview && Key features

2.Hybris Basics

  • 2.installing and configuring a local instance of hybris
  • 3.hybris architecture
  • 4.hMC, hAC cockpits overview
  • 5.Cockpit NG framework
  • 6.Workflow management
  • 7.Cronjobs
  • 8.Localization & Internationalization

3.Content Management

  • 9.Product modelling (classifications and variants)
  • 10.Product Cockpit
  • 11.Catalog Management
  • 12.Web Content Management
  • 13.WCMS Cockpit

4.Commerece Management

  • 14.Commerce Basics
  • 15.Search and Navigation
  • 16.Promotions and Vouchers
  • 17.B2B specific functionality
  • 18.Commerce Infrastructure Services
  • 19.Payment
  • 20.Subscriptions and Bundling

5.Order Management

  • 21.Order Management Module
  • 22.Order Management Services
  • 23.Workflows in Order Management Services

6.Data Integration

  • 24.Data integration
  • 25.type system
  • migration using impex

Course Hybris Benefits

There are distinct advantages of Hybris platform, which is one of the reasons behind the popularity of the SAP Hybris Training. These are:

  • Java programming language benefit,
  • Powered by Zend Framework,
  • B2B and B2C solutions for wide range of aptness,
  • The probability to use a single admin panel for manifold stores,
  • Multiple websites support,
  • The architecture is optimized for multi-channel commerce,
  • Built-in SEO optimization tools,
  • SAP Hybris pre-supposes the presence of an adaptive design in a packaged solution.

Here is the partial list of the blue-chip corporate customers who have already chosen the Hybris platform: Levi`s, Bridgestone, American Express, Nikon, Bosh in Deutschland, METRO Cash & Carry, etc...

Target audience

  • Functional Consultants,
  • Quality Assurance Managers,
  • Project Managers,
  • Business Analysts,
  • Testers,
  • Business Stakeholders.


There are some specific highlights of the course SAP Hybris Training that professionals and students have found till date attractive and worth counting while considering their involvement in the training process: Some of the primary highlights are mentioned here for a quick view of the prospective participants.

  • Week Days: 1 1.30 Hrs per day (OR) Weekends: 3 - 4 Hrs per day of Online learning sessions- These training are designed to meet international level of training in SAP Hybris.
  • All classes are arranged on most interactive virtual training platform as well as by classroom training arrangement,
  • The entire training is offered by best Industry aware experts who are not only knowledgeable about SAP Hybris course; they have extensive knowledge on this IT certification.
  • 100% placement assistance is provided after completion of the training.
  • Additional study material in the form of e-Books, which is made by composing the latest industry updates and global trend in mind,
  • Get a globally acknowledged Certificate on successful completion of the SAP Hybris training.

What is the duration of the course?

Advances Course like SAP Hybris Training duration largely depends on trainee requirements, it is always recommended to consult one of our advisors for specific course duration.

What benefits are included in the course fee?

All students of Karuna IT Services are allowed to enjoy a hands-on training in all aspects of SAP Hybrisby getting online all-inclusive study material, and by attending free online tests. All this are incorporated in the course fee.

Can I cancel my enrolment?

In case of terminations, students will get refund the course fee after deduction of the administration charges.

What happens when I miss a class?

Every student is givenan exclusive recording of every class, after the session is over at daily basis. This is the most amicable way, a student can always bridge the gap what he has missed by not attending the class.

Will the course fetch me a job?

The SAP Hybris training by KBS will not only increase your CV potential, but will offer you a global exposure with enormous growth potential.

Pre requisites for Basic Qualifications Essential for the Course

  • He/ she must have a graduation degree in IT related subject.
  • Fundamental understanding of web technologies and e-commerce concepts.

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