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SAP Simple Finance Course Overview

SAP Simple Finance is a set of solutions to present the simplicity of SAP Cloud powered by SAP HANA in accordance to finance related issues across the world. SAP Simple Finance module is designed to offer strategic value with instant insight across finance – all via a personalized and simple user experience.
The goal for doing SAP Simple Finance course is:

  • Use one general view of all information across finance to confirm enterprise-wide consistency,
  • Combine estimate, simulation, and analysis to classify the best calculated business options,
  • Give users instant, modified insight to inspire timelier, more pertinent financial decisions,
  • Drive substantial IT generalization with an architecture that eliminates repetitions and totals,
  • Get a choice of deployment – cloud, on-premise, hybrid – for lesser IT costs.
  • Explain the choice and impression of the SAP Simple Finance add-on.

KBS Institute offers quality SAP simple finance course training in online and regular classroom module.  The institute offers training for corporate batch as well on demand. For online course the training is given through highly interactive session along with wide-ranging live examples. This course is Live Instructor led Online training course delivered using Cisco Webex Meeting center Web and Audio Conferencing tool.

SAP Simple Finance Course Objectives

The SAP Simple Finance course has some specific objectives. These are narrated here with outline details:

  • Explaining the scope and impact of the SAP Simple Finance On-Premise Edition,
  • Explaining the architecture of the SAP Simple Finance add-on,
  • Explaining the Central Finance Deployment option of SAP Simple Finance,
  • Configuring and use of new functionalities in SAP Accounting powered by SAP HANA,
  • Use the standard SAP Fiori applications designed for Simple Finance,
  • The use of SAP HANA as a database impacts profitability analysis (CO-PA),
  • The use of data structures for costing- and account-based CO-PA differ,

SAP Simple Finance links the profit and loss items in Financial Accounting with the pertinent items in Managerial Accounting. Thus expense items get linked to cost center, order, and project accounting. Revenue and cost items get linked to account-based profitability analysis (CO-PA).

SAP Simple Finance Training Course Content

: SAP Simple Finance

: SAP Version ECC 6.0 EHP 7

: Technical

: 30 Days

: Week Days: 1 - 2 hrs per day (OR) Weekends: 3 - 4 hrs per day

: Online / Classroom Training Study

: Softcopy

System Access
: For 2 Months

Job Assurance
: 100% Placement Assistance

: Interview Questions & Answers will be covered along with course

Target Audience

This course is intended for the following audiences:
Course prerequisites, Required Knowledge

  • Fundamental Knowledge on IT & FICO
  • Fundamental Knowledge on required Functional Area

SFIN – Simple Finance

  • Introducing SAP HANA
  • Introducing SAP S4 HANA
  • Outlining SAP Simple Finance

Overview of the Simple Finance Add-On

  • Providing Technical Overview of the Implementation Prerequisites
  • Describe the Architecture of the Simple Finance
  • Analyzing the universal Journal
  • Analyzing the Central Finance
  • Providing an overview of Reporiting Options
  • Introducing SAP Fiori

Migration to the SAP Simple Finance On-Premise Edition

  • Explaining the Migration Process for the SAP Simple Finance On-Premise Edition
  • Analyzing the Migration process per system starting point

Simulation: Display financials tables before migration

  • Preparing for Migration to and installing the SAP Simple Finance On-Premise Edition

Simulation : Perform System checks before migrations

  • Configuring General ledger Accounting

Simulation : Configure General Ledger accounting for Migration

  • Configuring new Asset Accounting

Simulation : Configure Asset Accounting ( new ) for migration

  • Migration to new Asset Accounting

Simulation : Activate new Asset Accounting

  • Customizing Controlling ( Accounting Based CO-PA )

Simulation : Configure Controlling for Migration

  • Migration to the Universal Journal

Simulation : Perform checks and data enrichment

  • Finalizing the Migration

Simulation : Perform and Finalize the migration
Simulation : Perform activities after migration
Simulation : Execute HANA optimized reporting transactions
Simulation : Create an Appendix Ledger and post a journal to it


Result of Migration to the SAP Simple Finance On-Premise

  • New Asset Accounting

Simulation : Create an asset and post an asset acquisition
Simulation : Post a partial asset scrapping and simulate a depreciation run

  • Explain the Results of Migration

Simulation : Perform internal order settlement
Simulation : Configure and test CO=PA characteristic derivation

SAP Accounting Powered by SAP HANA
General Ledger
GL Accounts and Cost Elements in SAP Accounting powered by

  • HANA

Simulation : How to create a primary Cost Account
Simulation : Create a Secondary Cost Account
Simulation : How to create an asset account as a statistical cost element
Simulation : Create default account assignment

  • How to use the period lock transactions
  • Managing Ledgers in SAP Accounting powered by SAP HANA

Simulation : Post-secondary cost to Financial Accounting
Simulation: Create an appendix ledger and post a document to it

Asset Accounting

  • Providing an Overview of new Asset Accounting Functions

Simulation : Create Assets

  • Posting Logic in New Asset Accounting

Simulation : Posting Integrated Asset Acquisitions
Simulation : Post a partial scrapping to an asset
Simulation : Post a partial scrapping to an asset
Simulation : Execute a depreciation posting run and analyzing the log
Simulation : Manage Depreciation Runs

  • Configuring new Asset Accounting

Management Accounting

  • Understanding the new Architecture of Management Accounting

Simulation : How to check the configuration of the integration CO > FI

  • Explaining CO-PA and ML in SAP Simple Finance

Simulation : How to check the configuration of the operation Concern
Simulation : How to check the customizing for the Cost of Goods Sold split
Simulation : Post and analyze the cost of Goods Sold
Simulation : Process purchase to invoice ( Material Ledger update )

  • Outlining new period Closing Programs for Management Accounting

Simulation : How to check the configuration for splitting price differences
Simulation : post Price Difference – Variance Categories of Production Order

Further Simple Finance Integration

  • Providing an overview of Cash management Functions

Simulation: Mange House Bank Accounts

  • Outlining the Functions of Integrated Business Planning for Finance ( IBPF )

Simulation: Plan Costs using IBPF

This SAP Simple Finance course provides a synopsis of the functionality of the SAP Simple Finance add-on and analyses the steps for migration to the SAP Simple Finance add-on.  This set of solution offers some specific advanced capabilities and innovations, including:
Course content:

  • Introduction to SAP HANA and S4/HANA
  • Introduction to SAP HANA and S4/HANA, SAP Simple Finance
  • Introduction to SAP Fiori
  • Synopsis of reporting options for SAP Simple Finance

Migration Process

  • Migration – General Ledger
  • Migration – Asset Accounting
  • Migration – Monitoring

Customizing New Functionalities

  • Customizing of Universal journal entry & general ledger
  • Customizing of Asset accounting.
  • Customizing of controlling & simplified profitability analysis.


  • Conceptual discussion with process flow
  • Demonstration of end to end method
  • Key alignment settings.

Materials & Resources

  • Presentations
  • Configuration Material,

Analysis of the Architecture of the SAP Simple Finance add-on

SAP Simple Finance Training Course Highlights and Pre-requirements

There are manifold professional advantages of completing SAP Simple Finance course module. Proper completion of the course offers some specific advantages for its training recipients:

  • Empower high-speed "real -time" analytics at "most basic level" across all financial dimensions without any restrains.
  • One common view of real-time ‘harmonized’ financial and management accounting data for all firms, to help in establishing enterprise-wide constancy and straight reduction of settlement time and errors.
  • Built-in ability to use prediction, simulation, and analysis to assess the financial implications of strategic business options.
  • Optimization of Business Procedures – Event-driven methods with real-time execution.
  • A comfortable HTML5 based user experience with SAP Fiori, offering personalized, modern and reliable user experience on any application and on any device.
  • On-premise, hybrid, and cloud deployment options and a non-disruptive migration path.

Course Highlights and Pre-requirements
There are some specific highlights of the course SAP Simple Finance course Training that professionals and students have found till date attractive and worth counting while considering their involvement in the training process: Some of the primary highlights are mentioned here for a quick view of the prospective participants.

  • 27 hours of e-learning sessions- These e-sessions are designed to meet international level of training in SAP Simple Finance.
  • All classes are arranged on most interactive virtual training platform as well as by classroom training arrangement,
  • The entire training is offered by best Industry aware experts who are not only knowledgeable about SAP Simple Finance course; they have extensive knowledge on this IT certification.
  • 7 very vital Lab exercises,
  • The lab Exercises are further complemented by 10 Demo exercises,
  • Additional study material in the form of e-Books, which is made by composing the latest industry updates and global trend in mind,
  • Get a globally acknowledged Certificate on successful completion of the SAP Simple Finance Training.

For more information on SAP Simple Finance Training course, you are requested to contact the helpdesk of KBS Training. You can email us at:
You can also call at:

What is the duration of the course?
Advances Course like SAP Simple Finance course duration largely depends on trainee requirements, it is always recommended to consult one of our advisors for specific course duration.

What benefits are included in the course fee?
All students of Karuna Management Services are allowed to enjoy a hands-on training in all aspects of SAP Simple Finance course Training in the course fee.

Can I cancel my enrolment?
In case of terminations, students will get refund the course fee after deduction of the administration charges.

What happens when I miss a class?
Every student is given an exclusive recording of every class, after the session is over at daily basis. This is done in the most amicable way, a student can always bridge the gap what he has missed by not attending the class.

Will the course fetch me a job?
The SAP Simple Finance Training by KBS will not only upsurge your CV potential, but will offer you a global exposure with enormous growth potential.

It is expected that the recipient of SAP Simple Finance course will have the qualifications like:

  • RDBMS concepts,
  • Basics of SQL,
  • Basics of finance.

Ideal recipients
Ideal recipients are those professionals who are expected to get optimum advantages by doing this course:

  • Support consultant,
  • Project manager,
  • Finance delegates, Financial officers,
  • SAP HANA Consultants,
  • SAP BW, Business objects Consultants with Finance Specialization,
  • SAP FI/CO consultants,
  • MBA’S with finance specialization,
  • Charted Accounts, CPA’s, CMA’s,
  • Anyone who wants to make carrier in SAP FINANCE.

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