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RPA Uipath Training Overview

KBS Training has launched yet another RPA course and that is UiPath online training.  This course sets a new space for the industry for automation. There are benefits with UiPath for organizations such as enhancing quality and productivity.   So, what’s exactly UiPath and why it is so important to learn?

UiPath Studio is a essential software solution that allows you to automation for repeated tasks. From minor task to time-consuming heavy tasks are undertaken by UI automation thereby making your work much easier and faster. Additionally, the UiPath (UP) Workflow Designer works visually automating flowcharts and diagrams. This simplifies setting automation for regular business operations. This does not require any knowledge of programming and very easy to learn.

UiPath (UI) being part of RPA (Robotics Process Automation) takes much significance for learning to be able to understand the collective functioning of software robot. It works similar to a human worker and a robot takes access to mouse controls and keyboard to run through actions for executing automations.

There are primarily three areas for learning UiPath. These are UiPath Studio, UiPath Orchestrator and UiPath Robot. Each functioning area of UiPath does a specific job and during the course of UiPath online training, you will be learning all of these for in-depth understanding.

KBS Training is a branded leader for training IT professionals in UiPath online training.  With excellent faculty team and infrastructure for endorsing UiPath online course, we are experts in helping trainees to achieve UiPath certification with applicable knowledge.

Uipath Training Course Description

KBS Training has designed the UiPath course online training curriculum with simple and easy techniques for fast learning. We have covered from basic fundamental concepts to activity-based quiz programs that help you to explore efficient learning. As a certified learner in UiPath (UI), you will be confident to take up projects and work through software robot for finishing tasks in automated environment.

The faculty team for tutoring UiPath online training program, are highly experienced and widely knowledgeable. They are committed to help you learn and certified with practical learning solutions. While you attend the program, there are self-assessment questions at the end of every session for your progressive learning.

The three-phase learning

UiPath (UI) Studio: You will learn about templates, visual processing, and control over the automation.

UiPath Orchestrator: You will learn about how to deploy, start, stop and schedule processes with the help of console and surveillance of robots activities.

UiPath Robot: You will learn about how robot carries out and executes the processes with greater accuracy.

For any queries or clarifications, you can send email or ask your questions during interactive sessions with tutors. KBS Training is a dedicated trainer and we specialize in providing best learning activities and promote our student’s successful career and IT professions.

RPA Uipath Training Course Content


Basic Concepts

  • Introduction
  • Control Flow

UI Automation

  • Recording
  • UI Elements

Selectors and Screen Scraping

  • Selectors
  • Screen Scraping

Image Automation

  • Image and Test based Automation
  • Advanced Citrix automation

Data Manipulation

  • Data Table
  • Excel

Mail ,PDF,User Events

  • Mail PDF
  • User Events

Putting It All Together

  • Project Organization
  • Exceptions And Debugging

Uipath Course Advantages

UiPath online training from KBS Training has many advantages. You can pursue the course from anywhere from the comfort of your home or office. We have accommodated UiPath ( UI) online course for global audience with English being the medium of learning.  In the past, we have successfully tutored trainees from U.S, U.K, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa.  You can join the course from your Laptop, Desktop or Tablet with Internet connectivity. Particularly when UiPath certified professionals are in short supply, there’s much scope for learning and finding a job as a certified Robot software professional.

The top highlights of UiPath for automation technology are:

  • >UiPath Robot works with excellent accuracy
  • >Runs the processes automatically under the surveillance and supervision of user
  • >Time-consuming tasks are easily done independently
  • >High volume of tasks are completed in a short span of time
  • >No programming skills are necessary to learn UiPath online course
  • >There’s a lot of demand for UiPath professionals
  • >Enhances career and keeps you ahead
  • >Easy to learn online and get certified
  • >Better scope to find a easily
  • >Improves the performance of employees
  • >Organizations have upgraded skilled employees to navigate with UiPath integration into systems
  • >Cost-saving with enormous functions and benefits for business operations
  • >Globally accessible online training course

KBS Training is a professional IT online training provider that suit the needs of businesses and IT workforce. Our services are reliable, trustworthy and economical.

1. Who can join UiPath online training course?

Answer: There is no limitation or barrier to access the course. Anyone can join and gain the benefits of course.  We are inviting students across the globe, native or non-native English speakers.  Our lessons are simple in English Language. Surely you will be able to follow.

2. What if I am unable to understand the course?

Answer: Our expert faculty team are highly professionals in IT industry with vast experience. We will be able to fix your concern and help you resume the course.

3. What do I need to access UiPath training tutorials?

Answer: Once you have joined the course, we will give you a guide to attend the tutorials and help you through for maximum knowledge.

4. How to approach you if I have questions regarding the course?

Send us your email or there is 24/7 customer support service. You can reach any for knowing about any topic-wise queries. We will surely clarify.

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