Servicenow Administration Training Course Online

Servicenow Administration Training Course Online

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Servicenow Administration Training

Main objective during ServiceNow Admin Training is learning system administration   functions. Recipients will learn primary configuration tasks, clues to work with UI policies, Data policies, Business rules, the Mobile Platform and activate Plugins.

Trainees  will  work  with  2-key  Process: Applications,  the  Knowledge  Base  and   the  service  catalog then create Workflow activities and approvals.    

  • Recipients will learn to move on to configure Alerts and Notifications,  
  • View Upgrading History and Status,  
  • Ability to control System   Access and Data Security,  
  • Create Baseline Performance Metrics.  
  • Finally, trainees will run Reports, configure SLAs,  
  • Perform Instance Branding and Customization.    

Throughout  the   course,  social  IT  elements  will  be  integrated  to  demonstrate  best  practices  and   communicate  with  other  students  and  training department  personnel.

: Technical

: 30 Days

: Week Days: 1 - 2 hrs per day (OR) Weekends: 2 - 3 hrs per day

: Online / Classroom Training Study

: Softcopy

System Access
: 30 Days

Job Assurance
: 100% Placement Assistance

: Interview Questions & Answers will be covered along with course


  • Functional, Administrators and Implementers
  • Any Programmers 
  • Database Developers/Administrators
  • Testing Professionals
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Professionals
  • Customer Relationship Management Professionals
  • Business Intelligence Professionals
  • Business Process Management Professionals
  • Middleware TL consultants professionals
  • Any degree Fresher’s
  • HP Service managers professionals
  • BMC Remedy professionals
  • Computer Associates Service Desk Managers professionals
  • IBM Smart Cloud Desk Engineers professionals
  • ITSM/ITIL professionals
  • Ticketing tl Professionals
  • Business Analyst/System analyst

Introduction to Service Now

  • What is Service Now
  • Why and who can use Service Now
  • Concept of cloud computing in Service Now
  • Introduction to ITIL foundation 
  • Navigation and users
  • Helpful portals, releases 

Incident Management 

  • Overview
  • Incident management process
  • Continual service improvement to incident management

Change Management 

  • Overview 
  • Change management process (Raising, planning and Authorize)
  • Change management workflow and change task
  • Continual service improvement to change management

Problem Management

  • Overview
  • Problem management process (identify, Investigate, Resolve)
  • Problem management workflow and problem task types
  • Continual Service improvement to problem management
  • Context menu

Asset and Configuration management

  • Introduction to CI and Asset
  • Class and category CI
  • Model and type of assets
  • CMDB Plug-in and CI Relationships

Knowledge Management

  • Overview
  • Knowledge Management Roles
  • Application and Modules
  • Using Knowledge
  • Creating Knowledge
  • Translating Knowledge
  • Tracking and Reporting on Knowledge


  • Introduction to SLA,OLA and UPC
  • SLA Workflow
  • Service Level Agreement
  • SDLC In Service now


Employee Self Service & Service catalog

ServiceNow Admin Training is done for offering an all-inclusive training for clearing ServiceNow Admin certification. The training course by KBS institute offers adequate exposure to work in ServiceNow environment in the post of administrator. The components of this training offer hands-on know-how for proper implementation of new workflows and clues to get adoptability to changed new settings.

KBS conducted ServiceNow Admin Training is suitable for students and mid-level service professionals who has planned to explore their career in Service now environment. This training is available in both classroom modes as well as in online mode.

Course Description

The entire ServiceNow Admin Training is divided in different modules for the best help of training recipients. The entire training in KBS is divided into different modules.

  • Module 1: Recipients will start with ServiceNow platform user interface (ui) and configuration basics, comprising mobile interfaces, key screen elements, as well as plugins and branding. Next part of training is about working with lists, forms, and filters.
  • Module 2: Recipients will learn to add users, groups, and roles.
  • Module 3:  Recipients will learn to manage data with tables, importing sets, and the CMDB.
  • Module 4: Recipients will work with 5-key elements of the service automation platform and will work furthermore on:  
  1. Populate Knowledge Bases
  2. Adding matters to the service catalog 
  3. Adjust and trial workflows and approvals 
  4. Make service level agreements (SLAs)
  5. Generate and run reports.              
  • Module 5: attendees will execute Core Application Administration:
  1. Work with Policies and Relations
  2. Generate and test Business rules and clients scripts
  3. Configure and regulate application security
  4. Generate alerts and notifications.
  • Module 6: Recipients will learn about numerous on-going Maintenance topics incorporating working with Update Sets, viewing Upgrade History and Status, learn about performance and troubleshooting, and then use the Social IT capabilities of a ServiceNow instance.

There are some definite advantages of ServiceNow Admin Training. The major benefits are suggested here.

  • Detention class work in update sets to comprehend their drive and effort,
  • Ability to define Reference Qualifiers that direct the right data to the right users at right time,
  • Ability to learn how access to data is controlled within the framework of ServiceNow Contextual Security
  • Learning new clues for setting workflows that use a variability of activities to comprehend how records are produced from workflows
  • Organize service catalog elements, using user criteria, cart controls, and variables,
  • Generate a Record Producer,
  • Describe and use a database view as a report source, study performance Best Practices, and trying security controls that put on to reporting,
  • Ability to introduce a Web Services SOAP integration and learn about the probable data paths into ServiceNow
  • Ability to set syst em controls that regulate and control the right data to the right users at the right time.

What is the duration of the course?

Advances Course like ServiceNow Admin Training duration largely depends on trainee requirements, it is always recommended to consult one of our advisors for specific course duration.

What benefits are included in the course fee?

All students of Karuna Management Services are allowed to enjoy a hands-on training in all aspects of ServiceNow Admin Training. The training cost is all inclusive like the cost of best quality study material, mock test question papers and free online tests. 

Can I cancel my enrolment?

In case of terminations, students will get refund the course fee after deduction of the administration charges. 

What happens when I miss a class?

Every student is given an exclusive recording of every class, after the session is over at daily basis. This is the most amicable way, a student can always bridge the gap what he has missed by not attending the class.

Will the course fetch me a job?

The ServiceNow Admin Training by KBS will not only increase your CV potential, but will offer you a global exposure with enormous growth potential.


This course is designed for ServiceNow administrators and consultants who maintain ServiceNow systems – in production for about 6 to 12 months – and who have passed the System Administration certification course in due time and course of time. 

This  course  is  targeted for  new  ServiceNow  System  Administrators  who  are working for 0-3 months  into  a  new  position.  

Most recommended:

  • Qualified System Administrator,
  • Due completion of  JavaScript course is recommended
  • Scripting in ServiceNow is highly acclaimed

Course Highlights:

There are some specific highlights of the course ServiceNow Admin Training that professionals and students have found till date attractive and worth counting while considering their involvement in the training process: Some of the primary highlights are mentioned here for a quick view of the prospective participants.

  • 25 hours of Virtual-learning sessions, These Virtual-sessions are designed to meet international level of training in ServiceNow System.
  • All classes are arranged on most interactive virtual training platform as well as by classroom training arrangement,
  • The entire training is offered by best Industry aware experts who are not only knowledgeable about ServiceNow System training course; they have extensive knowledge on this IT certification.
  • 7 very vital Lab exercises 
  • The lab Exercises are further complemented by 10 Demo exercises
  • Additional study material in the form of e-Books, which is made by composing the latest industry updates and global trend in mind,
  • Get a globally acknowledged Certificate on successful completion of the ServiceNow Admin Training

For more information on ServiceNow Admin Training course, you are requested to contact the helpdesk of KBS Trainings. You can email us at:

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